Backyard Maintenance

Maintenance is an integral part of most large investments, ensuring that you get the longest lifespan possible. Your Creative Cedar Designs playset or sandbox is one of the many things around the home that can benefit from regular maintenance, ensuring that it not only lasts, but continues to be a safe, fun place for your children to burn off that extra energy.

After the initial installation we recommend sealing your playset or sandbox with a clear, water-based sealer. This helps with the longevity and appearance of the product. We also recommend checking all bolt connections and swing hangers every two weeks. These maintenance projects are a condition of your warranty with Creative Cedar Designs, and will keep your backyard beautiful for years to come.

Without the application of sealant, you can expect to see more checking, cracking, and wood grain lifting. Additionally, the stain may become worn or scuffed in high traffic areas such as the rock-climbing wall or ladders or steps. We highly recommend seeking guidance from your local hardware store when it comes to choosing the right sealant for your climate.

Most playsets and sandboxes see less use through the colder months. During this time, the moisture and freezing temperatures have caused the wood to expand. As it warms up and dries out, the wood will contract. This naturally loosens most fasteners and attachments. Prior to the Spring season, we recommend performing the following maintenance on your playset or sandbox:

  1. Remove any insect nests that may have formed.
  2. Tighten all fasteners.
  3. Lubricate swing hangers with WD40 or a similar lubricant.
  4. Reattach any accessories that may have been removed prior to harsh weather.
  5. Adjust swing heights for growing children.
  6. Take any steps necessary for maintaining sealant. 
  7. Refresh playground surfacing (wood chips, mulch, sand, gravel).
  8. Refresh sand in sandbox.

After performing these steps, your playset or sandbox will be ready for another season's enjoyment. We do recommend continuing to check all fasteners and swing hangers every two weeks. 

Should you come across any damaged or missing parts, please contact our Customer Service Team at for a quick resolution. If pieces are looking worn and you'd like to have them replaced, we do sell replacement pieces - send an email with your part numbers to the email address above and we'll get back to you with a quote.

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