Let's Tour the Mountain View Lodge!

We were extremely pleased to debut the Mountain View and Mountain View Lodge playsets last spring. They were definitely a crowd pleaser – so much so that they sold out in the first month we had them available. Due to the Great 2020-2021 Supply Chain Fiasco (still ongoing, as far as I know), we were unable to restock until late 2021, but we restocked in a big way.


These sets are all about the options. To begin with, you can go with the Mountain View and get a tarp roof, or choose the Mountain View Lodge for a wooden roof. What are the pros and cons of each? The tarp roof is the least expensive, and will last between 4-5 years depending on climate. They’re also very easy and inexpensive to replace. Wooden roofs are considered to be more aesthetically pleasing overall, but are also more expensive and harder to repair. A wooden roof will also retain heat much longer than a tarp roof. Both roof models feature architecturally-detailed gables for added visual interest.


Once you have your roof situation worked out, you’ll be glad to know there are still more decisions to make, specifically, your choice of color. The base model of both the Mountain View and Mountain View Lodge come complete with our multicolored climbing rocks, green monkey bars, steering wheel, and swing seats, and yellow binoculars, safety handles, and trapeze bar. If you would prefer a different color scheme, you can also purchase these sets in our full range of available accessory colors: blue, green, pink, red, purple, and yellow. At this time the only slide option we have available for purchase online is the green straight slide, but I happen to know that if you call our customer support team, they’ll be happy to assist you in adding a yellow one instead.


We didn’t stop with options though! Our next area of focus was activities. The Mountain View and Mountain View Lodge are our first (and currently the only) playsets to include monkey bars. Monkey bars are incredibly popular with children of all ages and parents love them because of all the benefits they see. Use of monkey bars from a young age has been proven to help with good balance and posture while building confidence and strength. At approximately 6’ off the ground, the bars are low enough for smaller children to feel secure, while still allowing older children to enjoy a challenge.


To continue our exercise in energy expenditure, we included two belt swings with a weight capacity of 150lbs each, and a trapeze bar with a limit of 115lbs. These are positioned a safe distance from all other activities to make sure that your children stay safe, or that you can enjoy a refreshing swing while still keeping an eye on their activities.


Agility training was concluded with our 8-rock climbing wall and rope, great for developing muscles and motor skills! Oversized rocks of various sizes are texturized for a no-slip grip, and durable enough to withstand many feet and hands. Smooth nylon rope can be used as one walks up the rock wall, and safety handles are conveniently placed for a secure transition to the 4’ high play deck.


Once you’ve reached the tower (whether by rock wall, ladder, or monkey bars), you’ll find an attached steering wheel and binoculars set for driving and navigating, of course, and the entrance to our speedy straight slide! Our sturdy slide was proudly manufactured in the US of thermoformed HDPE plastic and has a weight limit of 250lbs. Convenient spaces at the base of the slide naturally guide feet to the ground, allowing your child to use their natural brakes to come to a full and complete stop before racing to do it all over again.

Underneath the play deck, in the shade of the rock wall is a generously-sized sandbox, perfect for taking a break or building a castle. Bury treasure for finding later or excavate some dinosaur bones, sandboxes are a great space for educational play and socialization.

Shop both the Mountain View and Mountain View Lodge playsets to add endless activities to your backyard!