Beat Backyard Boredom!

It’s no secret that even (especially) the kids with every toy in the world get bored. Many families help to alleviate this boredom by rotating toys in and out of the play space every few weeks or a month, but that’s not necessarily something that can be done with a something as large as a swingset. Sure, the weather of the cooler months may prevent the playset from being as accessible as it may have been in the spring and summer, and if you removed your accessories prior to the harsh weather that will also limit the playability of the set, but when Memorial Day rolls around and your kids are no longer excited to play with their large, expensive backyard toy, what can you do?

Change something. It's incredibly simple and easy.

Add a trapeze bar - we recommend the Ultimate Trapeze for playsets equipped with Ultimate Swing Hangers, or the Standard Trapeze Bar for playsets with the standard swing hangers. If you’re not sure which your playset has, give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll be glad to help you figure it out. Changing a swing or two for a trapeze bar or two will provide your aspiring gymnasts, monkeys and acrobats with a new outlet for their imaginations and energy.

Young Caucasian female child hangs upside down from triangle trapeze bar

Do you have a horse lover, cow-person-in-training or child obsessed with riding a variety of animals? The Double Glider Swing can easily be attached to all Creative Cedar Designs swing beams via the Glider Brackets, allowing imaginations to run wild. Once the Glider isn’t seeing as much activity, switch back to a belt swing or trapeze for renewed interest.

Two children on two person glider swing

Is there an explorer, navigator, or racecar driver in your home? Binoculars, Telescopes and Steering Wheels are a quick way to add additional facets to your playset, and they’re available in all of the most favorite colors. These accessories can be attached in a variety of locations, allowing each child to have their own or their preferred combination.

Have your older children given up their playset for other hobbies and activities, but you’d like to refresh the playset for your younger children? Check out our Accessories page to re-accessorize your swingset with new, bright color combinations!