How To: A Guide to Submitting Part Requests

Our customer service team is small, but mighty. This time of year, the vast majority of their day is spent tracking down alternate phone numbers, finding lost shipments, answering phone calls and emails, assisting with assembly questions, and validating warranty and part requests.

The process for requesting missing or damaged pieces is as straightforward as we could make it. We do ask that all parts requests are made via email to Taking these requests via email allows us to validate pertinent information, while also preventing errors in the spelling of your name or street address. Additionally, the following information is required:

  • Name and shipping address for the parts. Providing this information up front allows us to quickly pull, pack and ship your replacement parts if there are no other questions that need to be answered.
  • A copy of your receipt. A screenshot of the receipt works equally well. Please be sure that the date the item was purchased and the item’s name or model number are pictured on this receipt. This will allow us to validate whether or not your request can be filed under a warranty claim, as well as being sure that the parts sent are actually for the model you have purchased.
  • A list of parts that are damaged or missing, by part number, with quantity needed. If we do not have this list, we are unable to fill your part request. Should you need to reference a copy of the manual to complete your part request, you can download one here
  • Images of the damaged parts. While not strictly required, we do request that you send pictures of the damaged pieces when possible so that we are able to address quality issues with our factory.

Should all of the information be available in your initial email and the support representative need no additional answers or verification, you will shortly receive an email with the tracking number of your shipment.

Our customer service department strives to return all email and phone messages within 24 hours during the M-F work week, and get your missing or damaged parts to you by the following weekend, when possible.

As always, failure to anchor your playset or treat with sealant as advised will void your warranty.
Canadian customers, we are currently shipping to Canada 1-2 times a week via UPS Trade Direct. Please expect to receive any replacement parts within 7-10 business days.